How can I apply to jobs that I will mostly be hired? 

JINESS intelligent service allows students to match their capabilities with job requirements, and greatly enhance the job seeking processes.  Most importantly, it alerts students to the kind of criteria which might lead to success in specific careers.

In addition, establishing the JINESS common career platform facilitates students of self-financing institutions to develop their professional networks with employers, human resources personnels, chambers of commerce and other businesses or professional associations. Students can easily keep abreast of up-to-date information on employment, salary trends, career paths, qualification frameworks, and share career success stories.

What JINESS can offer you ?

To explore one or more career choices and match your qualifications (i.e. talents, knowledge, skills) to the requirements of the jobs.

To record your career aspirations, manage your profiles, and upload supporting documents for a specific job application.

To join online and offline programmes and activities which help you cultivate an all-round development that will get you up for career success.