Hong Kong Salary Benchmark 2018

Hong Kong Salary Benchmark 2018

Key trends
• Retail has strengthened, driven primarily by bullish growth activity
across the mass market fashion and F&B categories. This is expected
to continue, as international brands enter the Asian market and set
up in Hong Kong.
• There is a lot of buzz about Hong Kong’s place as a Fintech hub, as it
competes for this status across Singapore. A lot of new organisations
are being established in this space, and though the trend is smaller in
scale than many expected or anticipate, huge potential remains.
• The Hong Kong government’s commitment to become a Smart City
has boosted the already high levels of recruitment activity across
property, infrastructure, technology and digital. This is expected to
continue into continue in 2018.
• The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area is one of Mainland
China’s national strategies and will play an important role in its
One-Belt, One-Road (OBOR) project. Hong Kong is expected to
benefit from the new zone, due to its traditional strengths in financial
services and trade, and its status as a gateway to China.